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We keep a close look on data privacy legislation so you can focus on what matters most for your business. Through our close ties to public organisations like IAPP and Kantara Initiative, we work hard to stay ahead of the game and ensure Clym is fully compliant with legislation across the globe.

Security And Anonymisation

Clym encrypts all personal identifying information, including IPs and browser data. Personal information is never shared in plain text and is not included as such in consent receipts emailed to the user.


The application offers a high degree of transparency with regards to consent, as it generates legally binding consent receipts, allows users to read more on their rights, and see detailed information on the cookies used.


High level of control that allows detailed consent and cookie management, consent expiry date and automatic consent deletion after the data retention period passes.

Legally enforcing audit trail

Clym uses Blockchain-like technologies through an audit system for both user consent actions and cookie management, that contains besides records about the actual consent, records about how it was presented to the user. All these are signed and it cannot be changed.


The application can be adapted to each organisation’s needs, based on country-specific privacy regulations. Clym allows language preferences for a superior user experience, and for the case where the law requires consent to be granted in the user’s prefered language to be legal.


Clym was designed to manage billions of users and consent events, being deployed on Amazon’s EU infrastructure with auto-scaling enabled. Whatever the number of applications and users your organisation manages, Clym can scale to cope with your load.


Clym is delivered as a service with a per-usage pricing. You can focus your IT resources on the digital transformation projects that move the needle for your organisation.

Quick integration

Easy to integrate onto websites. Allows phased deployment.