Your Data Privacy Tool

Your Data Privacy Tool

Clym is a data privacy tool that helps you meet data protection obligations. Manage Cookies, Consent, Requests, Policies and more in a secure and adaptive application.

New regulatory challenges

To answer legal challenges businesses need to change the way they address personal data.

Privacy Around the world

Interest in privacy is reaching new heights, fueled by and increasing daily dose of breaches.

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Consent Lifecycle Management

Consent has become a key compliance aspect for every company that manages personal data, regardless of its size or location.

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Cookies And The GDPR

The GDPR will change the current Cookies Policy, and the way cookies consent is managed.

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We give users the liberty to manage consent at any moment.



Data protection legislation is not universal. Nor is Clym. We provide a seamless adaptive experience based on users’ country of residence regulations.



Your business, your brand. The Clym application is fully brandable, allowing you to strengthen your brand’s trust even further.



Language is no longer a barrier, as we provide the user with a choice of his preferred language


On premise or private instance

Installation can be done on the company’s internal network or on a private instance in the cloud.


We give users the liberty to withdraw consent at any moment.