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Subject requests

Streamline your
data subject requests

No more emails and spreadsheets. Clym alerts you to incoming requests and deadlines to help keep you compliant, and equips you with the tools to centrally manage your requests, create response templates, and track progress. 


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Automate data subject requests (DSR)

Easily retrieve and review each DSR

Impress your clients and boost your image

Act fast and show your customers you take their privacy seriously.












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Collect and Store DSRs

Clym's Privacy Widget not only collects your website visitors' consent, it also allows your visitors to submit DSRs. 

Location, Location, Location

Clym's request forms can be customized for location-specific regulations, so you can comply with delete requests under GDPR, Do Not Sell My Personal Information requests under CCPA, and others, depending on your website visitors’ location and regulation.

Add DSRs on the fly!

In addition to handling your customers’ DSRs via your website, Clym’s Privacy Widget also allows you to manually add DSRs through your Clym Portal account. This way, you will be able to manage ALL of your DSRs in one place,  whether they’re submitted by mail, email, phone or through your website.

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Verify submitted requests

Don't waste time on spammers. When a DSR is submitted through Clym’s Privacy Widget, an email is sent to the individual that made the request. To validate the request, the requester must click on the verification link within the email.

image of clym user interface with data subject request setting open

Stay on top of things with notifications

You can view all requests submitted by your customers in real time by logging into your account. In addition to viewing DSRs within our admin console, you can also assign one or more email addresses to receive  a notification any time a DSR has been verified by the requester so you’re always up to date.

Everyone appreciates a reminder!

Clym provides you with a regulation-specific due date for each request. Additionally, we will send reminders as the due date approaches for any unresolved DSRs.

image of clym user interface with insights open

Timely responses

Clym makes it easy for you to timely respond to DSRs through your admin console so that all responses and correspondence are time-stamped and tied directly to the request. Nobody likes to be audited, but if you are - this will help!

To save you and your team additional time, Clym provides default reply templates for various access requests, however if you’d like to add your own language,feel free to make any tweaks you deem necessary.

image of clym user interface with data subject request setting open

ABC: Always Be Closing!

Once you have finished processing a request, you can simply change the status to “closed” on our platform (it’s a great feeling!) as a final step for each DSR.


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