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Clym Features

Features built to help simplify compliance

Compliance can be complex. Complexity can be solved through technology. Welcome to Clym!

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Accessibility Profiles

Make everyone feel welcome to your website with six preconfigured accessibility profiles, as well as 25+ display adjustments that allow visitors to customize their individual experience.

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Continuous website scanning

Unlock the power of Real Time Compliance. Whether you have 10 pages or 10,000, our privacy widget can identify and classify new scripts and cookies as they appear.

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Compliance widget

Establish trust and transparency with your customers by allowing them to manage their consent preferences, view updated company policies, submit subject requests, and enable accessibility - all within ONE interface.

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No need for a "one size fits all" approach to collecting consent. Clym can determine the geolocation of your website visitors and apply the location-specific settings needed to fulfill compliance requirements.

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Whether you are looking to pull a location specific report on consents received or view open subject requests, we've got you covered.

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Embedded content

Some privacy regulations require you to collect consent before showing videos or collecting data using third-party forms. With Clym you can request consent for any embedded third-party content such as Youtube, Hubspot Forms and Intercom.

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If you have global visitors on your website, it's important that they can manage their consent preferences - in their own language. Clym provides default translations for 30+ languages that can be activated location-specific.

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