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Clym's Compliance Widget

One interface for consent, legal documents, data subject requests, and website accessibility

By providing users with an all-inclusive intuitive compliance interface you minimize the confusion and frustration they often encounter. It also allows you to streamline your web compliance efforts through one source.

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Deliver personalized consent management and easy accessibility with Clym's Compliance Widget

Our solution is both regulation and location-specific, ensuring that your customers are presented with a personalized experience that is also in line with data protection regulations. With our widget, you can deliver seamless and brand-specific consent management while keeping your customers' privacy preferences in mind, and make it easy for them to navigate your website.

Clym’s robust compliance widget is different.

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Regulation specific, location specific, accessibility specific

Compliance requirements may differ depending on the region. Display consent options, legal documents and data subject requests specific to your user's location.

  • Default settings for 35+ privacy regulations,
    including GDPR, CPRA, LGPD
  • 40+ languages for your users to choose from
  • Let users interact with legal documents, terms,
    contracts, DSARs, and policies
    relevant to their location
  • 6 accessibility profiles and over 25 individual display adjustment controls so all your users feel safe and welcome to your website.

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Compliance without compromising the customer experience

Make custom changes to our widget and provide your users with a seamless navigation experience.

  • Follow brand guidelines by adding your company's logo and choosing colors you want to display
  • Select the privacy widget's position that best suits the flow of your website visitor
  • Make opt-in and opt-out easy by clearly presenting their options
  • Accessibility options that give your website an accommodating look and feel
See Clym in action

Want to see a demo?

See how Clym can help simplify your web compliance requirements. You will learn:

  • How Clym can save you time and money
  • How quickly Clym reacts to new data privacy law changes
  • What makes us different