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Continuous Website Scanning

Real Time Compliance

Say goodbye to monthly and manual scanning of your website. Clym can detect and classify new scripts and cookies in real time as they appear. Regardless if it's your home page or one of thousands of product pages.

Select the right plan for you

Peace of mind with real-time website cookie scanner

Clym's continuous scanning feature gives you comfort in knowing you are up-to-date with the categorization and classification of your scripts and cookies. As scripts and cookies are added by your internal team, our scanner will recognize them and add them to the privacy widget without any manual efforts on your end.

Clym's solution: Real Time Compliance.

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Secure real-time compliance

Unlike manual or monthly scanning, Clym's widget works continuously, checking every single page a user visits for new scripts and cookies.

  • Scan every visited page, automatically
  • Minimize risk of non-compliance
  • Faster identification and better accuracy
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Save time and effort

Continuous Scanning provides real-time updates, ensuring that you are always up to date with the latest scripts and cookies on your website without having to manually check for updates.

  • Avoid internal communication challenges of who added what and when
  • Verified cookies and scripts are classified automatically
  • No manual scanning

How does Clym’s cookie scanner work?

Clym's widget truly provides real-time compliance, making sure no cookie, no matter how complex, goes unnoticed.


Install Clym's Privacy Widget onto your website


Clym's privacy widget scans each page in real time as a website visitor views it


Once a new script or cookie is identified, it is instantaneously cross-checked against Clym's in-house inventory of known scripts/cookies.


Verified cookies and scripts will then be classified and displayed in the privacy widget.