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Policies & Other Legal Documents

Easily manage, store and update your policies in one platform

Get a 360-degree view of all your policies, terms, and other documents, and manage them effortlessly in one place.

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Build your policies in a flash, manage them right away

Clym lets you build and publish policies in minutes, exactly where you want

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Manage Terms, Policies, Agreements and Procedures

Clym helps you simplify and streamline policy management, adaptable by jurisdiction. Create, update, and communicate policies at any time, in a transparent way, letting users know what the latest version is and when it was updated. Manage public or private agreements and procedures.

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Embed and share policies

All policies, agreements and procedures managed through Clym can be easily included in your domain or shared with partners by using embed codes and unique document URLs.

Whenever a new document version is created, we automatically sync and update it everywhere.


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