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Simply enter your website's domain and let Clym's robust Web Compliance Scanner go to work. Not only does the scan identify possible compliance gaps covering 65+ Data Privacy and Web Accessibility jurisdictions, you will also receive tips on actions you can take to improve your web compliance score. What is your score? Check it now!


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Compliance can be complex and costly. Speak with one of our experts today and find out how you can improve your website's compliance with data privacy and web accessibility laws.

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Scan Your Website

Enter your website's URL and in less than 90 seconds our scanner is going to thoroughly scan your website and calculate your web compliance score. 


View Your Results

After the scan is complete, you will be presented with your overall web compliance score. You can further analyze our findings by checking the Accessibility and Data Privacy sections. Here you will find explanations for the scores you received along with actionable insights. 


Improve Your Score

If you are unsatisfied with your compliance score and want to improve your web compliance standing, we are here to help. You can find a plan that is suitable for your company or reach out to one of our experts to discuss your options. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data privacy and web accessibility scanner?

A data privacy and web accessibility scanner evaluates a website's adherence to privacy laws and accessibility standards, providing compliance reports and recommendations for improvements. It identifies legal and usability issues, aiding in continuous website optimization for inclusivity and security.

How does Clym's scanner work?

Clym's scanner reviews your website for data privacy and accessibility issues against current regulations. It generates a scan report detailing areas for improvement, identifies accessibility or privacy gaps, and provides an overall compliance score based on specific regulatory requirements.

What types of scan reports does Clym offer?

Clym offers three types of scan reports:

  • Summary Scan Report: A brief overview of your website's compliance status.
  • Extended Scan Report: More detailed information, including compliance scores for each continent.
  • In-Depth Scan Report: Comprehensive details on accessibility, privacy, scripts, and cookies on your website.

This works in your favor because, if you're the CEO of the company, for example, you probably won’t have time to go through the In-Depth Scan Report so you’ll probably want to look over the Summary version and send the other one to your web developer.

What does the score in Clym’s report mean?

The score you see in the report is based on a system of values associated with the different types of regulations (robust, moderate, light) and the number of requirements these regulations have. We allocate points for each aspect of data privacy and web accessibility that we find on your website, then we create a compliance percentage, and compare it to each data privacy and web accessibility law's requirements to determine your website’s level of compliance with these as well as any areas that require improvement.

How does Clym's data privacy and web accessibility scanner benefit my business?

Clym's scanner provides significant benefits by ensuring your website meets critical standards and regulations. It guides you on necessary changes for compliance with web accessibility standards like WCAG and the ADA, evaluates your adherence to over 40 global data privacy laws, and offers continuous improvement by updating its database with new regulations. This way, your website remains compliant and up-to-date with the latest privacy and accessibility requirements.