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Clym Product Update: Introducing Our Enhanced Widget and New Compliance Center

image of clym's new compliance widget new compliance center
We are excited to announce significant updates that underscore our commitment to simplifying web compliance for our customers. Today, we introduce a major upgrade to our compliance widget and the launch of our innovative Compliance Center, marking another significant step towards streamlining web compliance.

Enhanced Widget

Our commitment to providing an all-in-one web compliance platform is stronger than ever. The latest widget update offers enhanced customization options for design and icons, improved navigation across privacy settings, accessibility features, legal documents, and subject requests.
We’ve significantly boosted performance; despite the richer functionality, widget load times are quicker, ensuring a seamless user experience and supporting better engagement and reduced bounce rates on your site.

  • Better User Experience and Performance
  • Eight New Widget Icons
  • Packs a punch: Accessibility, Privacy, Legal Docs & Subject Requests

New Compliance Center:

We’re proud to launch the Clym Compliance Center, a user-centric hub that enhances the compliance management experience. This customizable hub simplifies access to legal documents, streamlines the submission and tracking of data subject requests, provides quick access to consent receipts, and displays essential company contact details for privacy and compliance.
You can host this Compliance Center on your own domain, like compliance.yourwebsite.com, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand’s look and feel, making compliance management straightforward and accessible for your users. Key features your website visitors will appreciate:

  • All legal documents in one place
  • Keyword search across all documents
  • Enhanced user experience for submitting/monitoring subject requests
  • Easily view consent receipts

Seeing is Believing

 Want to learn more about how Clym is bundling web compliance into one platform and one user interface?
Schedule a Demo and see for yourself!