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Healthcare Use Case: Discrete Cookie Notice

Leading organisations value privacy, no matter the industry. Respecting your data privacy obligations is a way of showing you care about your clients and website visitors. The Clym Privacy Widget is customisable and can accommodate your specific requirements.

In the following GDPR cookie consent example, we enabled the discrete form of the privacy widget, with the privacy button enabled, and an Accept all button, but without forcing users to interact with the widget. It allows visitors to browse your website without adding any third party scripts.

Also at the bottom of the page you can find the Privacy Center, which synchronises with the Widget settings.

If you chose not to display the Privacy Widget button, you must offer your visitors a way to change the settings. We have added in the footer a link that opens the Privacy Center.

To replicate the looks of this widget, go to your Property > Widget > Global (or a specific rule you have created earlier) and select the options as in the image below: