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Clym and Google Consent Mode V2: A New Era of Privacy and Compliance

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Running targeted ads in the EU can be tricky with all the privacy regulations. But worry no more! We're excited to announce that Clym’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) now seamlessly integrates with Google Consent Mode V2.

Here's what this means for you:

  • EU Ads Keep Running: You can continue reaching European audiences with your Google Ads campaigns without disruption.
  • Valid User Consent: Our Consent Management tool helps you collect clear and valid user consent for data processing, which is then properly signaled to Google Ads and Google Analytics and other Google products.
  • Continued Tracking & Optimization: You'll still get valuable insights from conversion tracking and analytics, even with user consent management.

In short, Clym’s CMP makes it easy to comply with EU privacy regulations like GDPR and ePrivacy, while helping your EU advertising efforts continue running smoothly.

What is Google Consent Mode v2?

Google Consent Mode V2 is an update to Google's framework, designed to empower websites in managing how Google tags function, aligning closely with users' consent choices. This evolution is a direct response to the growing demands for privacy across the digital landscape, particularly under the umbrella of stringent regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

If you run a business, and run ads using Google’s services, unless you start using Google Consent Mode V2, you might hit a big roadblock, especially if you're trying to reach people in Europe. This applies to any business using Google's tools to understand how people run ads for their websites or to see how well their website works. Not implementing Google Consent Mode V2 puts you at risk of losing access to data collected through Google’s tools (Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.), either partially or entirely. 

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Clym and Google Consent Mode V2: What’s New

Clym's CMP now works together with Google Consent Mode v2, which allows us to automatically adjust the way Google tools, such as GA4, Google Ads or Google Tag Manager for example,  behave on your website based on the consent preferences your visitors have set. 

For your business, this integration means more streamlined operations in terms of compliance with privacy laws like the GDPR. By using Clym’s CMP with Google Consent Mode v2, your use of Google services such as Google Analytics and Google Ads aligns with user consents. This not only helps in avoiding legal complications but also builds trust with users by respecting their privacy choices. 

As a Clym customer, you benefit from the automatic detection and configuration of Google Consent Mode V2 for relevant Google products on your website. This facilitates continued compliance and smooth operation of your EU advertising and analytics efforts without any additional setup required from you.

Clym's CMP puts your website visitors in control of their data. When they set their preferences through our CMP, those choices are automatically communicated to Google services via Consent Mode V2. This means:

  • Respecting Choices: If a visitor opts out of analytics tracking, Google Analytics can still gather general data, but without personally identifying details.
  • Privacy by Design: Your visitors' preferences are always respected, which means that their data is handled exactly as they choose.

Clym automatically communicates user consent choices to Google. For EU and UK visitors, Clym sends a "negative consent" signal by default until the user makes a choice. Once a visitor provides their consent, Clym sends a "positive consent" signal to Google. This ensures Google only receives data based on user preferences.

In simple terms, Clym’s integration with Google Consent Mode v2 makes the consent experience seamless and more effective, so that privacy preferences are respected without sacrificing website functionality.


About Clym:

Clym provides cutting-edge data privacy and compliance solutions, helping businesses navigate the complexities of global regulations. Our suite of tools is designed to foster trust, ensure compliance, and support the creation of a safer digital ecosystem for consumers. Discover more about Clym and our mission at https://clym.io/about-us.