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Clym’s Innovative Privacy and Accessibility Scanner for Websites is Now Available!

clym web compliance scanner

Starting today, Clym is excited to announce the launch of its Web Compliance Scanner: Scanning  Privacy AND Accessibility for a 360° view of your web compliance standing. 

As a leader in data privacy and compliance solutions, we have designed this state-of-the-art tool to give companies a full picture of potential compliance gaps within their online data privacy and web accessibility efforts. By providing a clear understanding on how websites measure up with State and Global regulations, customers can make informed decisions about their compliance obligations. 

How It Works:

  1. Enter your domain name (i.e. www.yourwebsite.com)
  2. View your Compliance Score and check the gaps identified
  3. Improve your score


How is Clym’s Scanner Different?

  • Scans covers 65+ Data Privacy and Web Accessibility jurisdictions
  • Provides an overall web compliance score
  • Gives an in-depth analyzes on existing compliance gaps, broken down by geographic location
  • Offers suggestions and actions you can take to limit your liability and improve your score


Clym’s Web Compliance Scanner is now available. In under 90 seconds you can have a full picture of how your website measures up against 65+ Data Privacy and Web Accessibility jurisdictions. What's your web compliance score? Only one way to find out: https://clym.io/web-compliance-scanner 


About Clym:

Clym provides cutting-edge data privacy and compliance solutions, helping businesses navigate the complexities of global regulations. Our suite of tools is designed to foster trust, ensure compliance, and support the creation of a safer digital ecosystem for consumers. Discover more about Clym and our mission at https://clym.io/about-us