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Meet Clym, The Data Privacy Platform

Privacy is one of the thirty fundamental human rights.

The evolution of technology and rise in digitization have contributed to the undermining of privacy, oftentimes turning it into a privilege.

One platform for global privacy needs.

Our vision is to provide one platform that connects and standardises processes in order to reduce the time and cost associated with data privacy compliance.

Today we are happy to introduce Clym, the data privacy platform that helps you meet data protection obligations across the globe. We created Clym with data privacy obligations in mind, so that you can control, collect and manage the data that is relevant for your company, based on users’ consent.

The platform covers 6 main areas of compliance, namely:

Rest assured you’re covering GDPR’s principle of accountability through unique consent receipts published in Clym’s ledger and a fully audited system.

Here’s how it works

To meet your compliance needs, we built our own set of complementary tools, namely: Privacy Widget (which comes in four different layouts) Privacy Center & Embedded Content. These tools work together to help address your business’ compliance challenges.

Clym is highly flexible and can be easily adapted to different industries and jurisdictions.

For example, if you’re a technology company, you might want to use the discrete widget layout, which allows your users to browse the website, but also encourages them to interact with the cookie settings, Also, if you’re a digital agency you might prefer the blocker layout, with an “Accept all” button, which prevents users from browsing the website until they set their cookie preferences.

These are just two examples of how the privacy widget can be customised for your website’s needs. See the full list of use cases.

We appreciate your feedback. Submit your feedback at team@clym.io.

See you on the safe side!