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United Kingdom Equality Act (UKEA)

What  is the UKEA?

The Equality Act of 2010 is a comprehensive law in the United Kingdom that prohibits discrimination based on a person's protected characteristics, including disability. The Act has a broad scope and applies to a wide range of situations, including employment, education, housing, and the provision of goods and services.

One key area in which the Equality Act applies is web accessibility. Under the Act, all websites must be accessible to people with disabilities, including those with visual impairments, hearing impairments, and cognitive impairments.

Who is affected by the UKEA?

The Equality Act applies to all organizations in the UK, regardless of size or sector. This means that businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and other types of organizations must comply with the Act's web accessibility requirements.

What are the UKEA requirements?

To ensure compliance with the Equality Act, websites must follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA. This means that digital content must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust for people with disabilities. Examples of accessibility measures include using descriptive alt text for images, providing closed captions for videos, and ensuring that website content can be navigated using a keyboard.

What are the costs associated with non-compliance?

If an organization is found to be in violation of the Equality Act, they may face legal action, fines, or other penalties. However, the real cost of non-compliance is the exclusion of people with disabilities from accessing digital content and participating fully in society.

To avoid legal and ethical consequences, it's important for organizations in the UK to prioritize web accessibility and comply with WCAG standards. By doing so, they can ensure that their digital content is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, and promote inclusivity and equality for all.

How can I make my website UKEA compliant?

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How can Clym help?

Clym believes in striking a balance between digital compliance and your business needs, which is why we offer businesses the following:

  • All-in-one platform: One interface combining Privacy and Accessibility compliance with global regulations, at an affordable price;
  • Seamless integration into your website;
  • Adaptability to your users’ location and applicable regulation;
  • Customizable branding;
  • ReadyCompliance™: Covering 30+ data privacy regulations;
  • Six preconfigured accessibility profiles, as well as 25+ display adjustments that allow visitors to customise their individual experience.

You can convince yourself and see Clym in action by booking a demo or reaching out to us to discuss your specific needs today.

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