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The Compliance Center

Simplify Compliance

The Compliance Center serves as an interface for all of your legal documents, allows end users to manage their data subject requests through to completion, and provides your web visitors with the means to contact you regarding compliance matters. Streamline your compliance processes with ease and efficiency.

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How can you and your web visitors benefit from using Clym’s Compliance Center?


Swift Integration Under Your Custom Domain

Simply add a DNS record to integrate your custom domain and toggle the functionalities you’d like to feature in your Compliance Center. Then, grab your dedicated links to legal documents, data subject requests, or company data and place them throughout your website for easy access.


Customizable UI to Match Your Brand

Effortlessly maintain your brand’s look and feel with the Compliance Center’s extensive UI customization options. Personalize the background color or image, logo, font size and color, corner radius of page elements, and more. These features allow your Compliance Center to integrate seamlessly with your website’s design, providing a cohesive user experience.


Data Subject Request Processing

Requests effortlessly. Our system is designed to simplify these processes, making it easier for your customers to submit requests and for you to manage and respond to them promptly, maintaining compliance and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Interactive Data Subject Request Tracking

Empower your website visitors with interactive tracking for Data Subject Requests. This feature enables users to seamlessly continue their conversations, effortlessly monitoring the status of their submissions. It offers transparency and enhances the user experience by fostering ongoing engagement on your site.


Centralized privacy information hub

Our Centralized Privacy Information Hub is the cornerstone of efficient data management. It consolidates all your online data privacy details in a single, easily accessible location. This central hub simplifies the way you and your customers interact with critical privacy information, ensuring clarity and ease of access. 


Visible company and DPO details

Promote transparency and build trust by displaying your company and Data Protection Officer (DPO) information prominently. This visibility reassures your customers and stakeholders of your commitment to data privacy and protection, fostering a trustworthy relationship. 



Tailor the user experience with our Location and Language Customization options. Users can select their country, state, or province, and language preference, promoting a personalized and relevant experience no matter where they are.  

Mitigate your risk of fines for non-compliance

Compliance can be complex and costly. Protect your business and customers. Start building trust today with Clym.

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The Compliance Center by Clym is more than just a tool;
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and robust functionality, managing legal compliance
becomes an effortless part of your business operations. 
Transform your data privacy management today
with The Compliance Center. 

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