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CCPA Compliance: Investigative Sweep on Streaming Services Underway


On January 26, 2024, California's Attorney General Rob Bonta announced in a press release an investigative sweep focusing on streaming services' compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

The initiative is specifically targeted towards the adherence of streaming services to the CCPA's opt-out requirements for businesses that sell or share consumer personal information. The CCPA, which is a landmark law for consumer privacy rights, requires businesses to allow consumers to opt out of the sale or sharing of their personal data and makes it necessary for these processes to be straightforward and accessible.

AG Bonta emphasized the importance of protecting personal information as families increasingly use streaming platforms for entertainment, stating the following:

From watching live sporting events to blockbuster movies, families increasingly use streaming platforms for entertainment, and we must make sure that their personal information is protected. California was the first state in the nation to give consumers the legal right to tell businesses, don’t sell my data. Today, we are taking a close look at how these streaming services are complying with requirements that have been in place since 2020. This Data Privacy Day, I urge consumers to learn about and exercise their rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act, especially the right to tell these businesses to stop selling their personal information.

The CCPA ensures consumers have the right to know how businesses collect, share, and use their personal data and to opt out of their data being sold. The move underscores the increasing emphasis on digital privacy, as streaming platforms become integral to family entertainment. The initiative of California’s Attorney General aims to reinforce the right of consumers to control their personal data with the investigation assessing whether these services are making it easy for users to exercise their opt-out rights, such as through simple settings in apps or clear privacy policies.

In addition, this action reflects a broader trend of enhancing consumer protections in the digital age, ensuring that companies are transparent and responsible in handling personal data. The sweep is a reminder for businesses to prioritize user privacy and comply with legal standards, ensuring a safer digital environment for consumers.