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EU and Brazil Strengthen Digital Partnership


On March 20th, 2024, the European Union and Brazil had their 12th Digital Dialogue in Brasília, Brazil, as part of their ongoing efforts to work together more closely on digital technology, aiming to make sure technology benefits everyone, supports growth, and sparks new ideas. The meeting was led by Renate Nikolay from the European Commission and Ambassador Laudemar Goçalves de Aguiar Neto from Brazil.

Started in 2007, the Digital Dialogue is a crucial component of the partnership between the EU and Brazil, facilitating improved collaboration on governmental, economic, and social matters.

The partnership is especially focused on helping areas in Brazil with limited digital access and working together on new internet technology like 5G and 6G. 

According to the official announcement, the EU and Brazil also aim to achieve the following: 

  • to make their computer centers work better together and share ideas about how to keep the supply of important parts, like semiconductors, stable;
  • to make digital signatures from each place work with the other, talking about how to protect people's data as it moves across borders, and sharing tips on how to better manage data, artificial intelligence, and online platforms;
  • to keep working together in global discussions, staying true to their shared beliefs in democracy, human rights, and taking care of our planet.

According to the joint communiqué, several priority areas for cooperation and follow-up actions were identified, including:

  1. Cooperation on digital connectivity projects, especially in underserved regions like the Amazon, to promote social inclusion.
  2. Extension of cooperation on 5G technologies to 6G, exploring potential 5G use cases in sectors like agriculture, energy, and mobility.
  3. Enhanced cooperation between High Performance Computing centers in Brazil and the EU.
  4. Knowledge sharing on cooperation initiatives for the stability and resilience of semiconductor global supply chains.
  5. Work on the technical interoperability of digital signature systems between Brazil and the EU, with the aim of future mutual recognition.
  6. Continued dialogue on data protection and international data flows, working towards mutual adequacy decisions.
  7. Exchange of best practices and promotion of cooperation on the regulatory framework for the digital economy, covering data governance, artificial intelligence, and digital platforms.
  8. Cooperation in international forums to promote an inclusive digital ecosystem based on shared values.

A work plan will support the implementation of these actions, and progress will be assessed at the next dialogue. This collaborative effort is expected to strengthen the partnership between Brazil and the EU, contributing to a promising digital future for both.