Consent Lifecycle Management

According to data protection legislation, consent management must be easily accessible for users and received for all types and purposes of personal data processing. Symmetrically, consent withdrawal must be as easy to do as it was consent granting.

Clym allows users to manage consent straight from the application interface, generating and emailing a consent receipt back to them.

The consent receipt contains:

  • The purpose of data collection.
  • The type of data that is collected, without including any personal identifiable information, only general attributes such as: first name, last name, phone number, company.
  • Information regarding data processors and partners that have access to the user’s data.

Clym Forms & API Integration

Within Clym, consent can be obtained in 2 ways:

Clym forms

This is a standard form used for collecting user information. In this scenario, the user data is maintained by us, and is most suitable to websites that don't maintain a user database, or with to externalise this.

API integration

Here, the user data is not maintained by us, and is most suitable for web application that host it on their own system, but want to use Clym for managing consent. It requires the web application to create its own forms for collecting data.

In addition to Clym forms and API integrations, our application also performs a Progressive Consent Collection, meaning that it ca require a user's consent on the go, as they use the platform.

Cookie Management

Considering that the GDPR regards cookies as personal identifying information, Clym makes cookie management and tracking effortless through:

Cookie indexation

Our research team has indexed cookies used by top 10 million sites to get a deep understanding on the ecosystem. Thus we can tell you which are the major data aggregators, what data they collect about your users, how they use the data and where data is stored.

Piggyback prevention

Adding or removing cookies is done through the Clym application, hence loading the cookies through our script, eliminating the risk of piggybacking. Works similarly to Google Tag Manager.

Supplier whitelisting

Allows the restriction of cookies that have not been not provided by authorised suppliers.

Company Data Management

Clym enables companies to easily manage for each of their websites the following:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Company information

The latter is a key part of GDPR compliance, as companies are required to make publicly available the name and contact details of their Data Protection Officer and company contact details.

Consent Receipts API Integration

We provide API integration for companies that collect data through your their own systems and wish to issue and save consent receipts.

Cookie Registry

Users can search our cookie registry by company or cookie name and see which of his personal information that company manages.