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Introducing Clym, The Data Privacy Platform

Privacy is one of the thirty fundamental human rights.

The evolution of technology and rise in digitization have contributed to the undermining of privacy, oftentimes turning it into a privilege.

As companies collect increasing amounts of personal information, it becomes more difficult for them to stay in control of how data is processed, stored and secured. Poor security practices combined with lost control over data creates the perfect storm for potential data breaches.

This was in fact the catalyst behind data privacy regulations.

Despite being seen as a burden, new regulations will benefit both companies and users, by placing more value on how data is handled. A person’s identity will no longer be just a set of randomly floating data; the new laws provide power, control and consent over the shared data.

As new privacy laws emerge, companies struggle to understand exactly what it is they need to do to become compliant, and what are the right solutions to help them achieve that. To sort out their data privacy issues, businesses navigate a world of disconnected solutions or are forced to build their own from scratch. This requires specialised knowledge, time, and it is costly, especially for SMEs.

All of these require time, money, and expose businesses to risks.

One platform for global privacy needs.

Our vision is to provide one platform that connects and standardises processes in order to reduce the time and cost associated with data privacy compliance.

Today we are happy to introduce Clym, the data privacy platform that helps you meet data protection obligations across the globe. We created Clym with data privacy obligations in mind, so that you can control, collect and manage the data that is relevant for your company, based on users’ consent.

The platform covers 6 main areas of compliance, namely: Data consent management, Cookie consent management, Company & DPO data management, Document Management, Data subjects’ requests, Localisation and Consent receipts.

Rest assured you’re covering GDPR’s principle of accountability through unique consent receipts published in Clym’s ledger and a fully audited system.

Here’s how it works

To cater your compliance needs, we built our own set of complementary tools, namely: Privacy Widget, Privacy Center & Embedded Content. These tools work together to help you address privacy challenges.

Clym comes in three packages:

Clym Essential

Addresses basic privacy needs for website owners and allows you to manages cookies, users’ consent, data subjects’ requests, policies, agreements, procedures and more in a transparent way.

Clym PRO

Coming soon

Provides DPOs and privacy professionals with powerful governance, risk management and compliance capabilities by collecting user data in flexible data stores and allowing them to manage preferences and exercise their rights.

Clym Ledger

Coming soon

Helps you build evidence through unique consent receipts and implements standard processes and data processing activities.

Through all its functionalities, our data privacy platform offers you a head start in compliance with privacy laws around the world.

See you on the safe side!