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GDPR Compliance For eCommerce – The Clym X-Cart Addon

Gain GDPR compliance for eCommerce with our new Clym X-Cart Addon.

We are happy to introduce our new addon that helps you easily integrate Clym with your X-Cart website, helping you gain GDPR compliance for your eCommerce business.

X-Cart is one of the eCommerce platforms out there that help businesses sell their products and services online, being used by over 38.000 businesses across 111 countries. That means a whole lot of personal data. And personal data is GDPR’s favourite topic.

How does the GDPR affect your eCommerce website?

The GDPR spares no one (well, maybe a few lucky ones). You might be tempted to think that the GDPR was created by the European Union for the European Union, but in fact it doesn’t matter where your business is. What matters is that you probably collect personal data of European citizens and residents, even if you’re doing it without knowing, through scripts and cookies.

Don’t worry, the purpose of the GDPR is not to ruin your business, but to bring power over personal data back to its rightful owners – your customers. And at the end of the day, that is what marketing and sales is all about: filtering out the fluff and connecting with those users genuinely interested in you. In other words, the GDPR will help you build transparent, trustful connections with your customers.

Now let’s get back to how the it affects your website and how you can achieve GDPR compliance for eCommerce.

According to GDPR’s article 2, that approaches Material Scope:

This Regulation applies to the processing of personal data wholly or partly by automated means and to the processing other than by automated means of personal data which form part of a filing system or are intended to form part of a filing system.

On average, just a simple presentation website breaches around 15 GDPR articles.

To make sure you keep your eCommerce website on the safe side and respect the requirements imposed by the GDPR, you’ll need to:

  1. Publicly display your company and DPO contact information
  2. Clearly communicate users’ rights
  3. Update and communicate your cookie / data collection policies
  4. Classify and map data, legal bases, processing purposes and data processors
  5. Ensure cookie compliance
  6. Empower users to enforce their rights
  7. Be able to prove compliance

GDPR compliance for eCommerce with Clym

These obligations differ based on jurisdiction and target audience, but if you want to be GDPR compliant, you’ll need to change the way you approach cookies. The old “By using this website, you accept cookies” is now obsolete. You now have to give users a real choice regarding cookies. Here is where we come in.

Introducing our Clym X-Cart Addon

The Clym X-cart GDPR compliance addon helps you easily set up Clym for your X-Cart website and leverage all the features our platform has to offer:

  • Cookie Consent Management
  • Consent Receipts
  • Data Subject Requests
  • Terms, Policies, Agreements & Procedures
  • Organisation & DPO Data Management
  • Localisation

Read more on Features.

Curious to see how it works? Check out our collection of use cases to get a taste of how you can adapt the different widget layouts to perfectly fit your eCommerce website.

Even better, test it on your website by following the following installation steps.